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Y 1 8 網站使用指南 


Y18 has always been working toward the construction of a fine wine online platform which is reliable, easy and fast. In order to help our customers make good use of our online service and facilitate the ordering process, some special user features are introduced below : 

1. Shop Special 即日自取

操作: 在選單列表上按下"Shop Special"

Usage : Press "Shop Special" on the navigation bar

特色: 於此頁面所顯示的貨品全部可由顧客即時親自到本公司辦公室自取,快捷方便,無最低購買數量,適合急須買酒的客戶。

Feature : All the products shown in this page are available for immediate self-pick up at our office. Convenient and fast, no minimum order restriction which is suitable for customers who urgently need the wine. 

2. Search Products 搜尋貨品

 顧客在任何頁面的右上角均可用搜索引擎尋找貨品,如輸入貨品名稱及年份,例如"Angelus 1982"並按確定,頁面將顯示不同年份的Angelus紅酒及價錢。

Usage : Customers may use the search engine situated at the top right hand corner on any webpage to search specific products. For example, if we search by product's name and vintage, for example,  "Angelus 1982", the page will shows all the wines of Angelus with different vintages and prices. 

操作: 除了貨品名稱,顧客亦可輸入貨品編號,可直接連結到該指定貨品。

Usage : Apart from entering product's name, customers may also enter the product code and the webpage will be directly linked to that specific product. 

3. Product's Information 貨品資料

操作: 於任何一個分類頁面上瀏覽產品,按下心宜產品的名稱進入詳細資訊頁面。

Usage : Browse any of the categories page and press the name of the product to view more information. 

特色: 顧客可在此查閱貨品價錢、編號、容量及是否可供訂購等,部分貨品更有詳細的酒評以供參考。

Feature : Customers can view the price, product code, volume and availability on this page. Some of the products include wine tasting notes for customer's reference. 

4. Product's Location 貨品位置


By referring to the product code, customers can know about the product's actual location and estimate the shipping time which facilitate the arrangement for placing orders. 

Type1: Product code started with "A" 貨品編號以A字開頭

特色: 貨品編號以A字開頭的酒款位於辦公室貨倉,顧客可以即日親臨辦公室自取,如需送貨則需時1-2個工作天。

Feature : Products with a code started with "A" are stored in the warehouse of our office. Customers may come to pick up the wine at the office immediately and it takes 1 to 2 working days for delivery. 

Type2: Product code started with "LC" 貨品編號以LC字開頭

特色: 貨品編號以LC字開頭的酒款位於另外的貨倉,顧客並不能即日前往辦公室購買,自取需等候1-3個工作天,如需送貨亦需時1-3個工作天。

Feature : Products with a code started with "LC" are stored in an external warehouse. Customers cannot come to pick up at the office immediately. For both self-pick up and delivery, it takes at least 1 to 3 working days. 

Type3: Product code started with "PO" 貨品編號以PO字開頭

特色: 貨品編號以PO字開頭的酒款位於國外,本公司將為客戶安排訂購,煩請等候2-3星期至貨品到達香港。價錢已包含運費及送貨上門的費用,但須注意部份貨品有最低訂購數量要求。

Feature : Products with a code started with "PO" are not in Hong Kong and need to be pre-ordered. Customers may need to wait for 2 to 3 weeks until it arrives Hong Kong. The price has included the shipment fee and also the charge for door to door delivery. But customers have to be aware that some of the products requires a minimum order quantity.

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以上為 Y18 網站的一些使用技巧,希望能有效幫助閣下使用我們的網上服務。


We hope the above features of Y18 website can help facilitate your online ordering process.

If customers still have any inquiries about the usage of our website, please feel free to contact us.