How to Place an Order

By Web
BUY ON-LINE to get your order processed immediately. (PayPal payment option provided)

Note: To protect our customers from ongoing data security threats, all credit card orders must be placed on our website to ensure immediate data encryption.

By Email
If you wish to place an order using bank transfer payment, please email to If this is your first time placing an order, please also complete a Register Account and send with your purchase order.

Note: You can also place a purchase order on our website if you are an existing customer; contact us for assistance in getting this setup.

Order Assistance
If you need assistance of any kind with placing your order, please contact us by phone 81061666


Merchandise advertised on our site is subject to availability from our on-hand inventory or through our extensive network of most major distributors. Products offered from our various on-line are purchased directly from them, either on-line or through their telephone. Availability, pricing, and specifications are subject to change without notice.
If necessary, we will advise you of current availability of stock or backorder status and the expected shipping date. Distributors discontinuation or removal of product from market can occur without notice and we therefore, can only notify purchasers about such changes after the fact. If the product(s) you order are no longer available or have backorder status with the distributor of more than 3 days, we will give you the option of selecting another comparable product or canceling your order.