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Y18 Elegant Spirits Ltd

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About Us

After the Hong Kong government announced the tax exemption for wine, Y18 wine shop began to plan and was established in January 2009. Now we are one of the most popular wine sales platforms in Hong Kong and has a large number of members around the world. 

In the past, the wine industry relied on relationship marketing. Wine merchants generally sell products by means of salesmen recommending products to consumers. In recent years, consumers have improved their knowledge of wine and the demand for lifestyle, many consumers have already online shopping experience. They have their own favorite fine wines or the ability to choose their target products. That makes online sales popular, and many local wine merchants have to set up online platforms to sell products.

Y18 is no different from a general retail wine merchant. We have our self-owned storage warehouse and cooperates with several overseas wine merchants to provide more than 20,000 wine products on the online platform. In 2014, the market for local retail wines has been shrinking. The founders hope Cooperate with more overseas suppliers in order to increase market competitiveness and profit by offering more choices.

Due to the high cost of labour in Hong Kong, the founders considered that it was not cost-effective to recruit more staff to cope with the workload of more overseas suppliers. In 2015, it decided to introduce the "Custom-Made Online Store System" and satisfied the needs of higher man power. With continuous improvement of specifications and automatic management, it is possible to cooperate with more than 30 overseas suppliers without the need to hire a large number of people, and apply the concept of “direct delivery” to provide more than 20,000 wines. We are not only a retail wine merchant but including a large number of old, rare and rare famous wines, provide customers with the most comprehensive choice, even to meet the high demand, or want to purchase the designated wine customers.

In addition, we are happy to offer professional wine selection advice to private clients and wine lovers. Publish the latest wine information and participate in various wine tasting events. We are committed to provide wine lovers with a professional, fast and simple online One-Stop-Shop fine wine platform.