Wines bought from Y18 Elegant Spirits Ltd are stored:
  •     In our 24hours temperature controlled warehouse
  •     Full Insurance cover and temperature controlled delivery from suppliers to our warehouse
  •     Conditions guaranteed by Suppliers
  •     Professional local courier service provided by YAMATO TRANSPORT (HK) LTD
  •     within 3 days delivery after order confirmation


The delivery takes 1-3 business days within Hong Kong Territories.

To ensure the safety of goods, bottle are safe packed to ensure that does not cause damage in transit due to compression and other reasons. We will arrange for a safe and secure transport as soon as possible to the location you specified. Delivery takes about 1-3 working days. 

Delivery schedule is

Mon, Wed and Fri to New Territories
Tue and Thur to HK Island
Kowloon is Mon to Fri all OK

All orders must be paid before the delivery by credit cards in our website 
bank deposit to our bank account : 

Y18 Elegant Spirits Ltd



Please return your bank receipt to us by email:

Free shipping
We provide free delivery service for purchase each order of above HK$3000. (If not, please refer to the schedule) 
The charges for different districts







N.T.  (新界)


Borders (邊境地區)


Urgent Delivery (急交貨)

Payment before 12:00pm, same day delivery

Extra HK$350

We also provide unique service for wine storage
Unmixed cases wines of Clients' Private Reserves. A minimum of 12 (75cl) bottles (or equivalent) is required per wine.

Clients with wines in storage receive advice and valuations are available on request.
We only charge HK$120 per case per annum

Withdrawing stock from your 'Private Reserves':

  •     Please give us 1 working days notice before delivery or collection
  •     Delivery charges apply (see the table above)

We regret that wines that have not been bought from Y18 Elegant Spirits Ltd may not be stored in our warehouse.

Please contact us if you need help selecting wines for private collection.