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Vega Sicilia Unico 2011 (750ml)

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JS98 - James Suckling

Very ripe with plum, spice and dried-flower aromas, as well as chocolate, fresh flowers and sandalwood. Coffee and hints of meat. Sort of decadent. Full-bodied with round, creamy tannins and an intense, juicy feel. Unique cedar and walnut undertones. So delicious now, but one for the future, too. (JS)

非常成熟,帶有李子、香料和乾花的香氣,以及巧克力、鮮花和檀香。咖啡和肉味。有點頹廢。酒體飽滿,單寧圓潤柔滑,口感濃郁多汁。獨特的雪松和胡桃木色調。現在很好吃,但也適合未來。 (JS)

RP96 - Robert Parker's W 96 ine Advocate

The Unico released in 2021, 10 years after the harvest, is the 2011 Unico, selected from 40 of their 210 hectares of vineyards. 2011 is a concentrated and ripe vintage, and they selected 95% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon that were cooled in a cold room for 24 hours before being sorted; the bunches and grapes macerated at 9 to 10 degrees Celsius for three to four days, and then it was inoculated with a pied de cuve to ferment with pumping overs. Malolactic was in stainless steel, and the wine was put through a long aging, 10 years between oak and bottle, using new and used French and American oak barrels and 20,000-liter oak vats. For Vega Sicilia, 2011 was a fresher year than 2010, not the common idea about those vintages in Ribera del Duero. The wine has a developed nose with some notes of ripe black fruit, meat and underbrush, somewhat herbal and perfumed. There is something about the nose of the Únicos that I cannot quite describe but is quite distinct, and it's in this vintage and also in the Reserva Especial. (LG)

Unico 於 2021 年發布,即收穫 10 年後,是 2011 Unico,從其 210 公頃葡萄園中的 40 公頃中挑選出來。 2011年是一個濃縮成熟的年份,他們選用了95%的Tinto Fino(丹魄)和5%的赤霞珠,在冷庫中冷卻24小時後進行分選;葡萄串和葡萄在 9 到 10 攝氏度的溫度下浸漬三到四天,然後用染色的 de cuve 接種,抽水發酵。蘋果乳酸採用不銹鋼製成,葡萄酒在橡木桶和瓶裝之間經過 10 年的長時間陳釀,使用新舊法國和美國橡木桶以及 20,000 升橡木桶。對於 Vega Sicilia 來說,2011 年比 2010 年更新鮮,這與 Ribera del Duero 的那些年份不同。這款酒具有發達的香氣,帶有一些成熟的黑色水果、肉類和灌木的香氣,有些草本和香味。我無法完全描述 Únicos 的鼻子,但它非常獨特,它在這個年份和 Reserva Especial 中。 (LG)

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